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Do you want to read dual-POV contemporary romance about women in their 30s who are figuring out who they are and what they want, and the men who fall for these fantastic women? You're in the right place.

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OUT 9/9/24


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Cover design by Stephanie at Alt 19 Creative

Reese Hart can’t wait to spend the summer in Scotland, resetting her life while her daughter attends an elite soccer camp. Her goal? To move past what happened between her ex-husband and her former best friend, now happily engaged and eager to rebuild their relationship with Reese. What’s definitely not on the agenda? A summer fling with a sexy Scot.


Two years after an injury ended his professional soccer career—and his bad behavior in clubs made headlines—Oliver Vass is running trainings for a soccer camp. He knows two things: one, he’s nothing without soccer, and two, if he doesn’t get his act together, he’ll lose the chance to be a father to his ten-year-old son.


When Reese’s ex-husband and his fiancée show up in Scotland, Reese’s reset month dream disappears … until Oliver comes up with a solution: fake dating. A new boyfriend is just the excuse Reese needs to avoid her ex. And if Oliver brings wholesome Reese to his son’s birthday party, it’ll look like he’s getting his act together. It’s the perfect plan, but when Oliver kisses Reese in the ruins of an ancient abbey, their steamy chemistry explodes.


But Reese is only in Scotland for a month. And as the end of their charade approaches, she and Oliver have to figure out what’s real and what’s not, before they end up an ocean apart.

Read If We Pretend in ebook or Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, or order the paperback from your favorite bookstore. My local favorites in Cincinnati are Joseph Beth BooksellersThe BookShelf, BookMatters, Cincy Bookery, or Cincy Book Rack.

Cover design by Stephanie at Alt 19 Creative


Stella Hart, an American advertising executive living in London, is reeling from the death of her beloved aunt. But Stella learns her aunt included a stipulation in the will: a bucket list Stella must complete within a month, or the estate—meant for her and her sisters—goes to charity. The entire list is unreasonable, especially the final item, where she needs to Find the One that Got Away. The last thing she wants to do is face her ex.

Ethan Fraser is not Stella’s ex-boyfriend—that title belongs to his best friend, who got him through a traumatizing childhood. Ethan’s a grumpy, bearded, ex-professional rugby player who can’t bring himself to enter the flat of his late troubled mother. When they’re forced to collaborate on a work project, both find themselves remembering the night they kissed, days before she started dating his best friend. Ethan wants to hate her for choosing someone else, just like his mother always did, but he can’t fight his attraction to Stella. So when she needs an advisor for the list, he offers to help, and the time spent together re-ignites their chemistry. But Ethan’s fierce loyalty to his best friend stands between them.

With a looming deadline for their project and the bucket list, soon everything bringing Stella and Ethan together will disappear… unless Stella figures out what that final item—and the whole list—really means.

Grab the e-book, paperback, or download on Kindle Unlimited on Amazon! You can also order the paperback from your favorite local bookstore.

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When the chair of the school holiday dance falls ill less than a week before the event, Britt Harper volunteers to take her place. She’s determined to make the holidays magical for her son, and this is one way to distract from what she did six months ago that pushed away their best family friends: Adrian, Reese, and their daughter.


Adrian Whitlock has done everything to avoid replicating the explosive, unstable marriage of his parents. So when Britt told him she needed space after developing unwelcome feelings, he let her go. But now, with his divorce finalized, he can’t stop thinking about Britt. He’s gotta at least smooth things over so running into her at school events isn’t so painful. 


But when Adrian shows up at the school dance volunteer meeting and offers to help Britt hunt down replacements for the one hundred boxes of lights ruined in storage, the spark between them is stronger than ever. Can Britt let go of the complicated layers of guilt that go with her feelings for Adrian, including her desire to win back her best friend, his ex-wife? And can Adrian convince Britt that it’s worth giving each other a chance at more than friendship?

Castle Scotland
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